Endeavor Motorhomes

The Endeavor Motorhomes are small vehicles with a spacious motorhome set-up, its the size from a campervan but you have significantly more space and living room than a campervan. its has a shower and a toilet plus boiler heating system etc. great kitchen and a skylight what brings a whole new flair into the van. 

Brand:   Fiat Ducato

Build:     Burstner & Dethleff (German)

Turbo:   Yes

Engine:   2.8

Mot:       New on arrival.

Beds:     3 - 1 single, 2 double

Size:       5.30 meters


All Endeavors have:


  • Gas Heating

  • Boiler

  • Kitchen sink and fridge

  • Small freezer

  • Grey water tank

  • Big clean water tank

  • 12v plugs

  • 220 charge

  • Radio/CD/USB

  • Skylight

  • Oaning


  • Double Batteries

  • Turnable chairs

  • Bicycle rack






Extra Information


The Double Batteries make sure you will never run out of power while free camping. its a great isolated and solid motorhome with about 250km milage, the size is the biggest plus as you can easily drive it into every city no matter how big the parking places. Available for a long term rental or the Guaranteed Buy and Sell back program which is a kind of lease scheme.

The Netherlands

Drostenraai 31

7914 RT, Noordscheschut

The Netherlands