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Globetrotter Motorhomes

The Globetrotter Motorhomes are perfect for families, They variate between 6 and 7 meters what is the perfect size for Europe. The set-up is ideal because there is a double bed in the back and in the front.. No i'm not done yet, you can even change the middle seats to another double and single bed! You will never get enough of this RV!!

Brand:   Fiat Ducato

Build:     Knaus and Burstner (German)

Turbo:   Yes

Engine:   2.8

Mot:       New on arrival.

Beds:     5 - 3 single, 2 double

Size:       7 meters


Still an Ideal size for EUrope

Still an Ideal size for EUrope

Enjoy the comfort of space while still being able to get into the small towns!

Huge Garage

Huge Garage

It will even fit your kids when naughty!

Great Set Up

Great Set Up

There is bed behind you!

Double bed in the back

Double bed in the back

There it is!



Cause you want to sit..

Finally a bigger Shower

Finally a bigger Shower

Yes, Yes, YES!!

All Globetrotters have:


  • Gas Heating

  • Boiler

  • Kitchen sink and fridge

  • Small freezer

  • Grey water tank

  • Big clean water tank

  • 12v plugs

  • 220 charge

  • Radio/CD

  • Skylight

  • Awning


    And More.



Extra Information


Wonderfull RV for Families, Available for a Guaranteed Buy and Sell back in Europe or a Registration Service for Non-Europeans.

And a Rental ofcourse.. What more? What ever you need! E-mail us.

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