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Guaranteed Buy and Sell Back Program

Wether you are looking for a long Family Trip, you're on a Gap Year or simply wish to chill out on your Europe-Roadtrip. 


The Guaranteed Buy Back program is your insurance policy for return on the investment of purchasing a vehicle!


Purchase a vehicle in Europe and don't worry about sorting out registration, insurance or selling it after your travels!

Simply return the motorhome and collect the discussed buyback price!

This is the cheapest option for long-term traveling in Europe and you can 

Start or end your trip where ever in Europe with our Pick Up service!


Experience this fantastic lifestyle! Contact us now on +31 (0)6 10009969


Costs and Insurance, Registration Motorhome

The specific price variates on Motorhome, Wishes and Season.


We always try to fit every budget, there are tons of possibilities to work out a way that works for both selling and buying parties. July and August are the most expensive months and December and January the cheapest. 


Extra Costs  

When buying a vehicle it will be registered on the companies name as its impossible to register it as a non european citizen, we charge Road tax and Insurance costs on your behalf. other extra costs can be the rent of a GPS, Bicycles or Linen packs.



We offer insurance!

and can even help you with problems on the road, just as a service we help you find garages or other roadside assistance help.


 mandatory part   € 160 p/m.





How does it work?

Unfortunately we can only provide the very details personally with you as we offer a unique Buy Back program and would like to prevent it from going to any competitors in the future.


As a non-european its almost impossible to sort out insurance or registration for a vehicle also its hard to sell when you don't know the best season, don't speak the language. 


Do you really want to spend the ending of your trip at a car park desperate to find buyers before your flight back to Australia or New Zealand. 



With our Guaranteed Buyback program you always know where you at, think of it as a long-term lease for e secondhand campervan or motorhome. 


We are unique as a Family Company and we love to have a Business and a Personel relationship with our customers, planning such a trip is not just something, it takes trust and insurance and we understand that. We are just as easy and well willing and love that our customers are too.


Pick up all over Europe

How to long term Europe and where to start are both questions we hear often, in our opinion The Netherlands the perfect place to start your trip, but we deliver all over europe!


Pick up your rented or purchased motorhome in Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Brussels or Brugge, Bilbao or the rest of Spain, Denmark, Rome or where ever in Italy, Croatie, Bosnia, Greece (athens) Romenia, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Austria or Switserland, Norway or Finland, Holland is the easiest but the whole of Europe is Possible.


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