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It Was Perfect for us!

Weitze a review for your website if you would like : "Knausy" was perfect for us - bunks at the back for the kids and plenty of space for our family of four. The agreed buy back figure enabled us to budget for our trip and not have to worry about trying to privately sell the van at the end. On arrival everything was ready for us and after visiting Weitze at his home to do a few small modifications, we were off on 7 amazing months. Weitze was available for questions via phone and email. At the end, we returned the van, had an inspection, then were dropped off at the airport and money was in our account within 2 days - very easy and non stressful. If you are in a position like us, where you cant own a vehicle in the EU, Happy Camper allows you to travel long term without the high campervan rental fees that other companies like to charge. We are already planning for the day when the kids have left home and we are free to head back for another long trip.

The Keane Family. -- Nick & Liz Keane

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